Displays: A color revolution in the making
On the RSNA show floor, rumblings of a revolution of color in medical displays were loud and clear. Many facilities, it seems, are interested in the option of using color monitors exclusively because nearly all variety of diagnostic images can be read on them. For the large part, many of the new innovations are coming in remote calibration software and other technologies that save a facility time and money in assuring the quality of the displays. Otherwise, the medical display market also is being taken seriously by manufacturers that do not have diagnostic grade monitors, but nonetheless offer very large, extremely high-quality systems that are useful for review in locations such as the OR.

AlphaView LCD made the North American debut of its complete line of medical-grade LCDs at RSNA. The 1.3, 2, 3, and 5 megapixels display line includes both color and grayscale models.

Barco launched new additions to its NIO line — available in 2MP, 3MP and 5MP resolutions — that add high-speed display controllers and better performance and management via a new online service for quality assurance of PACS displays. The service — MEDICAL QAWEB — provides automated DICOM calibration, quality assurance, display asset management, problem solving and reporting.

Dooyang Systems demonstrated its new TruePIX Model TX-19SV2/LCD. The monitor is a 19-inch multi-function LCD for use in reviewing images from multiple modalities.

Double Black's X-CalDouble Black Imaging announced the release of its X-Cal Calibration software, a package for Automatic DICOM calibration and display quality assurance. This software allows for complete QA of LCDs and Front DICOM calibration. DBI also demonstrated its new DICOMetrix, a proactive image flow and network performance monitoring system.

Eizo Nanao Technologies demonstrated its Radiforce GS510 and GS510-G 5 MP monochrome monitors for use in digital mammography, DR and CR. Eizo also featured the RadiForce GS320 (standard model) and GX320 (high-end model), both 3MP monochrome LCDs are geared for PACS, CR, CT, MRI and angiography. Eizo’s RadiForce RS410 is a 4 MP color LCD monitor for MRI, CT, PET, CR images and 3D rendering.

FIMI Philips showcased its wide range of LUXOR displays, some of which are being given a new sleeker design, including a 3MP grayscale display medical grade monitor called the X3M. In the pipeline are a number of color displays, to be available in Q1 2007, that are for applications such as patient information systems, endoscopy, multi-modality, and PACS.

National Display Systems highlighted Multi-Mode technology which provides the ability to display images via multiple video inputs simultaneously on one monitor screen. This provides physicians a way of looking at two totally different types of medical images on the monitor.

NEC Display Solutions of America demonstrated its NEC 5 MP grayscale diagnostic display which possesses X-Light technology for doctors to compare images side-by-side at the same level of brightness. The company also showcased some wide-screen displays, the 24-inch LCD240WUXi and the 26-inch LCD2690WUXi, both a part of the NEC 90 series.

Planar Systems showcased its enhanced Dome line of diagnostic displays to increase the resolution, scalability and usability of the EX series in line with the strategy to provide value-added display solutions in specialty markets. The Dome DA(4) architecture has the capability to utilize a variety of graphics processor technologies to provide the most options for diagnostic configurations.

Quest International announced the availability of new Totoku ME253i2 (2 MP) and ME355i2 (3MP) grayscale LCDs. The displays feature the company’s lastest remote DICOM compliance calibration, with Totoku’s Uniformity Matrix luminance equalization feature that is able to achieve luminance conformity across the screen.

Richardson Electronics Display Systems Group showcased its complete line of custom mounting solutions with two additional fixed-mount solutions and a new line of mobile clinical carts that can accommodate small- and large-screen LCDs.

Siemens Energy & Automation announced the release of the SCD 21310 3MP, a new color flat-panel display that has been designed with a high level of brightness and contrast for both color and grayscale medical imaging applications.

Sharp announced an upgrade to the company’s 45-inch professional LCD monitor. The new PN-455RU 45-inch monitor been designed to operate in both portrait and landscape mode.

U.S. Electronics introduced the new high-contrast USEI/Totoku ME355i2 3 MP and ME253i2 2 MP monitors that support CT, MRI, and high-speed 3D image rendering. Both are equipped with a new Remote Grayscale Accuracy Check.

Display Peripherals
Matrox showcased its latest display controller boards for medical imaging, including the MED, RAD, TheatreVUE and Aurora VX series boards.