Displays present a new view, technicolor too

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Barco Coronis Color 3MP Diagnostic LuminanceBarco (Booth #4729) is showcasing an exceptionally bright color display system equipped with Diagnostic Luminance technology. The Coronis Color 3MP Diagnostic Luminance offers the benefits of color without compromising grayscale quality, presenting color and grayscale images with considerable brightness and contrast for the entire lifetime of the display. Barco’s Uniform Luminance Technology corrects luminance non-uniformities that are typical for traditional LCDs and backlights.

Barco also is demonstrating its Nio Fusion 4MP advanced display system for viewing multiple PACS images at the same time or for working with large CT data sets throughout the hospital. Using the company’s DuoView application, Nio Fusion 4MP is easily integrated and fully compatible with legacy PACS.

Double Black X-CalDouble Black Imaging (DBI; Booth #4170) is announcing the release of X-Cal Calibration software, the company’s proprietary package for automatic DICOM calibration and display quality assurance. This allows for both complete QA of their LCDs and front DICOM calibration. X-Cal consists of two components, a local agent package and a network administrative package. Paired together with their displays, this software and hardware combination allows each display to be remotely calibrated to the DICOM grayscale display function and monitored from a central workstation, send notifications to the central workstation or administrator when the LCD requires service, and allow the administrator to adjust and perform DICOM 3.14 Calibration on each LCD from the remote location.

DBI also is launching DICOMetrix, a DICOM image flow and network performance monitoring system. DICOMetrix is a resource tool that enables PACS administrators, directors, and IT personnel to actively monitor, historically track system performance, and alert radiology and PACS support staff about system slowdowns and outages.

DBI also is exhibiting a 45-inch high-brightness, high-contrast Color LCD suited for operating rooms and ER environments — with full 1920 x 1080 resolution, 500 cd/m2 brightness, and a contrast ratio of 800:1.

Lastly, DBI is showing 2 and 3 MP high-brightness color LCDs with retractable front sensors for automatic DICOM calibration and QA. These color LCDs will join the current M-Series line.

Eizo Nanao RadiForce GS510Eizo Nanao Technologies (Booth #6747) is demonstrating a number of its latest grayscale and color monitors. For starters, the company’s Radiforce GS510 and GS510-G5 megapixel monochrome monitors can be used for digital mammography, DR and CR. Both models offer a display of high-fidelity images with a choice of glare (GS510-G) or anti-glare (GS510) panels depending on their environment.

Eizo also is featuring the RadiForce GS320 (standard model) and GX320 (high-end model), both 3MP monochrome LCD monitors for assorted applications such as PACS, CR, CT, MRI and angiography.

As for color monitors, Eizo’s RadiForce RS410 is a 4 MP color LCD monitor intended for display of color and grayscale gradations for MRI, CT, PET, CR images and 3D rendering.

The RadiForce RX210 is EIZO’s latest 2 MP color LCD offering high luminance for accurate display of color and grayscale images for 3D color rendering and image fusion.

Lastly, EIZO is showcasing its FlexScan S2411W-M for HIS terminals and specially designed to meet the display requirements of a PACS distributed where DICOM images are desired to be displayed.

Image Systems (Booth #8344) is launching its latest Calibration Feedback System (CFS) software. CFS is designed to simplify the calibration and configuration of radiology displays to present accurate and consistent images. The latest release includes an Add-on Front Sensor that provides hands-free conformance and calibration of commercial displays not manufactured with an integrated front sensor.

Image Systems also is showcasing 2 and 3 MP high-brightness LCDs enabling both color and monochrome diagnostic-quality imaging combined in a single monitor. Image Systems’ 42-inch LCD can be used for clinical and surgical suite imaging. A new line of CRT-to-LCD replacement modality displays also is being demonstrated.

National Display Systems (Booth #3165) is demonstrating its PrimeVue high-brightness 2, 3, and 4 MP color displays, dual link support on 3 MP and 5 MP AXIS monochrome displays, and 3 MP or 4 MP PrimeVue.

The AXIS and PrimeVue displays include NVIDIA high-speed graphic cards and built-in DICOM calibration with six factory display viewing protocols and one user-definable