Displays: Seeing is Believing
The center of the digital imaging universe is the display. It is the decision point for radiology. Digital imaging demands excellent monitor performance. Vendors are meeting the need with high-quality, flexible and affordable displays. The RSNA exhibit hall floor is sure to shine with enhanced features for flat-panel displays across a wide spectrum of monitor sizes from 1 megapixel to 6 megapixels (MP) to meet the needs of all imaging modalities. Vendors are touting their high-brightness displays for both color and grayscale viewing, as well as tools for hassle-free calibration and maintenance. Lighter, sleeker technologies, too, encourage adoption in smaller facilities, or larger facilities where space is limited.

Barco (Booth 6210) is introducing the world’s first 6MP wide-screen diagnostic color display, the Coronis Fusion 6MP DL. The monitor, which is available for sale around the globe, is a PACS display system designed to further enhance flexibility and productivity in diagnostic imaging. Featuring the industry’s first 30-inch color LCD that can be used as two seamless 3 MP heads or one wide-screen 6 MP display, Coronis Fusion 6MP DL offers the user freedom to organize his or her digital workspace. It allows viewing of CT, MR, cardiac catheterization and echocardiography images, or any other combination, side by side on a single diagnostic screen.

Candelis (Both 1509) is introducing a new family of flat-panel monitors that include 1 MP, 2MP, 3MP and 5MP models. The displays feature a TFT AMLCD IPS panel and superior rendering and view angle, uniformity compliance, automatic calibration functionality, image control system by network, and ergonomic design. Additional highlights include: third-generation digital signal processor MEDiX III; up to 12-bit grayscale performance with 4,096 unique tones; built-in moving sensor for DICOM calibration; on-board digital ambient control; and graphic card compatibility through DVI connection.
Double Black Imaging (Booth 4676) is highlighting its images per minute (IPM) feature to DICOMetrix and new LCDs, as well as a calibration software upgrade. DICOMetrix is a proactive DICOM image flow and network performance monitoring solution. The new IPM feature allows for user-controlled monitoring on the enterprise version in IPM in addition to the images per second (IPS). The IPM feature is beneficial for monitoring slower modalities and slower inter-facility connections in a PACS enterprise that are typically approximately 1 IPS. The company also is releasing its new Wide P-Series line of LCDs with their X-CAL calibration software, which consists of a 2MP monochrome and color, a 3MP monochrome and color and a 5MP monochrome LCD for mammography.

Eizo Nanao Technologies (Booth 4022) is introducing new 1MP color and grayscale displays for a variety of modalities. The 19-inch displays, the SCD 19102 and SMD 19102, feature the latest viewing angle technology and luminance up to 280 cd/m2 for the color display and 1000 cd/m2 for the grayscale display. Both displays are available with two different options: a non-reflective protective glass screen and a multifunctional stand. The company also is adding a long-distance DVI – Link that replaces fiber-optic cable between medical monitor and the video source. The company also is debuting the SMD 21510 D, 21-inch, 5 MP monochrome display for mammography. The high-resolution monitor has 2048 x 2560 pixels and a luminance of 750 cd/m2.

NEC Display Solutions of America (Booth 4270) is unveiling its new 21-inch MD212MC and MD213MC—MultiSync MD Series—which includes 21-inch, 2MP with front sensor MD212MC; the 21-inch, 3MP with front sensor MD213MC; and the 30-inch, 4MP with backlight sensor MD304MC. The new displays feature standalone DICOM calibration and the X-Light pro sensor system, which maintains a consistent light output; 12-bit LUT for detailed images and grayscale; ColorComp, which reduces LCD uniformity errors and compensates for differences in color/grayscale and luminance; front or backlight sensors; and a five-year limited warranty with overnight exchange service.

NDS Surgical Imaging (Booths 4029/8944) is introducing two new displays to the Dome line: the Dome Z10 10MP, 30-inch display, and the Dome E3c High-Bright (E3cHB) high-bright color displays. The Dome Z10 is appropriate for all imaging modalities with a focus on mammography. The Dome E3cHB color display, at 700 nits, is designed for high-resolution PACS imaging, color ultrasound, CT, MRI, CAD and PET/CT fusion. Both of the displays are compatible with the new Dome Dashboard 2.0 software, a console application that enables PACS administrators and IT managers to centrally manage, control, and report on the state of Dome displays. The new version of Dome CXtra calibration software is bundled with Dome E3cHB, Dome Z10 and all other Dome displays.

Nical (Booth 4739) is exhibiting its new line of low-cost LCD monitors, available in 17-inch, 19-inch and 21-inch models at 525, 625, 1049 and 1249 line rates. Standard features include: last image hold, auto-synch 120/220V, BNC connectors and Vesa mounting plate. The monitors can be swapped with existing older CRT models in minutes.  

Quest International (Booth 7510) is launching its MS21i2, a new, 6MP, high-brightness LCD monitor. The high-resolution, 21.3-inch grayscale display is network calibration capable, and features ?Sentinel II technology. The technology improves overall luminance uniformity, by decreasing variance more than 50 percent over uncorrected panels, and guarantees that the DICOM grayscale display function will be within tolerance, anywhere on the screen. 

Richardson Electronics (Booth 7520) is featuring a series of color and grayscale displays, along with its Image Systems’ latest release—Revision H3—of its calibration feedback system software for diagnostic imaging displays. The 2MP, 21.3-inch FP2202CHBP provides a contrast ratio of 500:1 and 1200 x 1600 standard resolution with a brightness of 450 cd/m2. The 3MP FP2080CHBP offers a 20.8-inch screen with a 600:1 contrast ratio and standard resolution of 2048 x 1536 with a brightness output of 600 cd/m2. The company also is highlighting its new line of Image Systems’ Professional Series diagnostic and clinical displays: the 2MP (FPP1960), 3MP (FPP2080) and 5MP (FPP2130) grayscale displays.

Totuku Electric/U.S. Electronics
(Booth 4635) are unveiling a new 21.3-inch, 6MP, grayscale medical display. The MS21i2 is a high-resolution display utilizing independent subpixel drive technology and achieves 1,276-step simultaneously displayable grayscale palette by using enhanced ISD technology. The MS21i2 has up to 1,276 shades of gray and a special AR coating (patent pending), which offers reproduction of images while reducing reflection on the display surface. Also, the model has luminance control ??Sentinel II technology and a front sensor system which is located on the panel surface to control the backlight luminance.