Double Black announces new software, LCDs
Double Black Imaging announced the release of its X-Cal Calibration software, a package for Automatic DICOM calibration and display quality assurance at RSNA 2006 in Chicago. This software allows for complete QA of LCDs and Front DICOM calibration. The software consists of two basic parts, a local agent package and a network administrative package that work together so that each display is remotely calibrated to the DICOM gray scale display function and monitored from a central workstation, the company said.

DBI also demonstrated its new DICOMetrix, a proactive image flow and network performance monitoring system. It functions as a resource tool that enables PACS admins and others to monitor, historically track system performance, and alert radiology and PACS support regarding system slow-downs and outages.

Lastly, the company demonstrated its 45 inch high-brightness, high contrast Color LCDs designed for operating rooms and ER environments where viewing images from a distance is crucial, the company said.