Double Black announces new software, LCDs
Double Black Imaging detailed the release of its X-Cal DICOM Calibration and QA software as well as DICOMetrix PACS Performance Monitoring software at SIIM 2007 in Providence, R.I., last week.

The X-Cal Calibration software, a package for automatic DICOM calibration and display quality assurance, allows for both complete QA of their LCDs and front DICOM calibration. X-Cal consists of two components, a local agent package and a network administrative package. Paired together with their displays, this software and hardware combination allows each display to be remotely calibrated to the DICOM gray scale display function and monitored from a central workstation, send notifications to the central workstation or administrator when the LCD requires service and allow the administrator to adjust and perform DICOM 3.14 calibration on each LCD from the remote location. Other functions X-Cal offers include: automatic calibration and conformance tests, graphical results, table formatted reporting of data for future use, the ability to schedule intervals between auto-calibrations, compensation of ambient light, and the ability to adjust luminance and other workstation settings. The user may view and save historical data on white level, black level, calibration and conformance test for JCAHO/medical traceability. Double Black Imaging is including both pieces of this software package as add-ons for its LCD systems.

DBI also highlighted its DICOMetrix, a proactive DICOM image flow and network performance monitoring solution. DICOMetrix enables users to actively monitor and historically track system performance, and alert radiology and PACS support staff about system slow-downs and outages.

DBI also showed its 46-inch, color distant view LCD and high-bright color self-calibrating LCDs which are all additions to the existing line of self-calibrating LCDs with remote administrative software. 

The company’s 46-inch, high-brightness, high-contrast color LCD is suited for operating rooms and ERs. This LCD offers full 1920 x 1080 resolution, 450 cd/m2 brightness, and a contrast ratio of 1700:1 provides bright, crisp images. The rugged metal enclosure with dual cooling fans makes this LCD ideal for the rigorous demands of OR and ER environments. Multiple inputs including digital DVI-D, component video, composite, s-video, VGA and RS-232, allow this LCD to work with any system. Unlike other large format LCDs or plasma screens, this LCD is resistant to image retention or burn-in effects, adding to its performance and reliability.   

Double Black Imaging also showed 3 megapixel high-bright color LCDs with retractable front sensors for automatic DICOM calibration and QA, which are a part of the company’s M-Series line. They include retractable front sensors and a comprehensive software package for auto-calibration.