DR Systems exhibits mammography updates for RIS/PACS platform
Dec. 4—DR Systems of San Diego exhibited new mammography capabilities for its Unity RIS/PACS platform at the 93rd scientific assembly and annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) in Chicago last week. 

Unity RIS/PACS’ breast imaging, reporting and tracking functions provide a complete solution for digital mammography. Radiologists can read exams in all modalities including third-party CAD and digitized prior film-based mammograms and access all patient information on the same workstation. The Unity RIS/PACS approach eliminates the extra expense of separate mammography workstations, the inconvenience of switching between workstations for different modalities, complications of separate service contracts, crowding created by redundant equipment and interface malfunctions between non-integrated systems.

The mammography functions of the Unity RIS/PACS are designed to ease compliance with the Mammography Quality Standards Act. For example, the Breast Care Tracking System automatically generates follow-up tasks based on the mammographer’s assessment and recommendation codes. It also generates mammographer outcome report cards and site-specific outcome audits and tracks delinquent work-ups.

Mammography reporting is integrated with Instant Reporter, DR Systems’ automated report preparation and distribution module. Instant Reporter integrates PACS functions typically performed by separate, third-party applications. Mammography reporting on Unity RIS/PACS supports BI-RADS assessments, recommendations and findings. Other reporting features include report templates with point-and-click buttons to insert text, dictation and voice recognition.