DUNLEE offers protection from replacement CT tube costs

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DUNLEE has announced Glassware Solutions, a program designed to protect hospitals and imaging centers from the high cost of replacement glassware. The company will showcase the program at this years' American Healthcare Radiology Administrators (AHRA) annual conference in San Antonio, Texas, August 7-11.

CT tube cost replacement, especially for multi-slice CT scanners, can easily exceed six figures. Dunlee's plan will offer coverage to healthcare organizations that register their CT systems or Cardiovascular labs with Dunlee or a Dunlee service provider. Organizations then pay a fixed, monthly fee for glassware coverage on the registered equipment. In the event a tube fails, it is replaced under the contract to avoid hassles and the surprise of unbudgeted tube expenditures. Additionally, equipment can be added to the agreement as it comes off warranty or the OEM service contract, or can be deleted from the agreement if the equipment is retired from service.

Healthcare organizations may also add tube installation and equipment service to the Glassware Solutions coverage.