Dunlee releases tube service online support tool
Medical imaging components manufacturer, Dunlee, has introduced the Tube Service Assistant, its new online support tool. 

The Tube Service Assistant program is an online support assistant for ISOs and clinical engineers, and is designed to provide pictorial and video instruction for CT tube installation. The program is intended to serve as an adjunct, based on OEM service manual guidelines, refreshing the tube installation processes for service engineers, according to Dunlee.

The secure access web site will be provided at no cost to Dunlee customers, Kuehn said.

“We have added a number of scientists that are very experienced in medical imaging to the iCRco team. The team has done a remarkable job with this software. The image quality that is now being produced by iCE 2 will not go unnoticed in this industry,” said Stephen Neushul, head engineer and president. 
iCE 2 is now available for a 30-day free trial and can be added to existing iCRco CR devices, the company said.