Dunlee shows expanded portfolio at RSNA
Dunlee, a division of Philips Medical Systems, introduced expansions to its product portfolio at the 93rd scientific assembly and annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) in Chicago last month.

New radiographic patient tables include the SpeedLine, FreeLine and SmartLine.

The Speedline table is designed for use in a single detector DR suite where patient and equipment positioning can be a challenge. The table is self-contained and mobile in any direction with locking wheels for security. It features a manual hydraulic height adjustment, eliminating power cables for improved staff movement around the table. Featuring a single-pedestal design, the Speedline is rugged and can accommodate patients up to 500 pounds.

For traditional digital radiographic rooms, the FreeLine table provides free and unencumbered full patient access. Having a fixed single-pedestal design, the FreeLine allows fast and easy DR equipment positioning.  It is motorized for height adjustment which can be synchronized with other equipment operation, and features a four-way floating top table.

Dunlee is now offering new low-dose grids from Smit Röntgen for DR and CR applications.  Grids improve the contrast in the final image by absorbing scatter radiation while maintaining the optimal transmission of primary radiation. In grid design, the interspace material used is critical to image quality and exposure rates. Fiber interspaced grids offer significant advantages over aluminum interspaced grids. Studies prove that fiber interspaced grids reduce the dosage to the patient by up to 40 percent. The lower technique factors needed per exposure with a fiber grid can also prolong the life of the x-ray tube.

Dunlee also introduced the new X-Pack, a new monobloc x-ray subsystem for integration into OEM equipment for fluoroscopic, lithotripsy, and urological applications. It includes a selection of components, featuring a monobloc generator with different power ratings, customized generator features, a wide selection of Philips Image Intensifiers, various image processing functions and FIMI flat panel displays. With this package approach, OEMs can easily and economically integrate the X-Pack components into their imaging systems.