Eclipsys completes large NYU install
New York University Medical Center has successfully activated Eclipsys Sunrise Clinical Manager and its integrated modules, Sunrise Pharmacy and Sunrise Emergency Care, at all three of its hospitals. The hospitals include more than 5,000 users and approximately 95,000 transactions processed daily.

One hundred percent of NYU Medical Center's resident and attending physicians are now placing orders through the Eclipsys Knowledge-Based CPOE system. One of the first hospitals to use CPOE starting over 25 years ago, NYU Medical Center, is also one of the first Eclipsys clients integrating Eclipsys' Knowledge-Based CPOE system, Sunrise Pharmacy, and clinical documentation to make the medication management process safer and more efficient. NYU Medical Center also uses Eclipsys Sunrise Emergency Care, so patient information collected in the medical center's emergency department is automatically shared with other venues of care.

"This activation is a significant landmark for Eclipsys as it demonstrates the scalability of Sunrise Clinical Manager and our integrated Pharmacy information system as well as our ability to execute an activation that included thousands of users going live at the same time across multiple facilities," said R. Andrew Eckert, Eclipsys president and chief executive officer. "This is one of the largest big-bang activations in the history of our industry and signifies that our professional services team can successfully implement a solution that supports the unique needs of a large-scale, high-acuity care environment."

The Eclipsys Knowledge-Based CPOE system provides NYU Medical Center's clinicians with real-time access to actionable knowledge, with clinical decision support, including expert levels of checking relative to changes in a patient's condition. By having 100 percent of its physicians use the 300 condition-specific order sets in the system, NYU Medical Center will standardize care practices to help ensure each one of its patients receives the best possible treatment.