Eclipsys, customers showcase results
Eclipsys Corp. shared its booth at HIMSS07 in New Orleans last week with customers to showcase solutions that have helped healthcare organizations improve outcomes in care, cost and satisfaction.  The company’s theme for the show was “What outcome will make you smile?” which several clients helped illustrate.

Eclipsys demonstrated its computerized physician order entry (CPOE) system which is used by more physicians than any other system. Physician adoption of CPOE is critical to the ability of healthcare organizations to improve patient care, cost and satisfaction outcomes through a clinical information system. For example, the Atlanta, GA-based Piedmont Hospital’s 100 percent adoption rate of Sunrise Clinical Manager for CPOE resulted in improved efficiencies and workflows and the hospital achieved a 15 percent reduction in average length of stay for patients with hip fractures, 63 percent increase in use of deep vein thrombosis (DVT) prophylaxis for patients presenting with stroke or congestive heart failure, and a 42 percent reduction in overall time to administer antibiotics for patients with community-acquired pneumonia.

The Sunrise Medication Management solution helps healthcare organizations reduce medication errors by automating the entire medication management process. Eclipsys solutions automate the workflows of physicians as they place orders, pharmacists as they verify and dispense medication orders, and nurses as they administer medications to the patient. Knowledge-Based Medication Administration assists nurses with validation of the five rights (right patient, right medication, right dose, right route, and right time) of medication administration via bar-code scanning at the bedside to enhance patient safety.

Eclipsys also focused on the unique challenges of ambulatory care at HIMSS, demonstrating how it has built on its expertise in high-acuity care settings to deliver cutting edge clinical and financial solutions for the ambulatory environment. The company demonstrated how Sunrise Ambulatory Care’s clinician-centered workflows and patient-centric EMR enables physicians to improve care and healthcare enterprises to better connect with the community.

New strategic partner athenahealth, a leading provider of services to medical groups, was in the Eclipsys booth to demonstrate how the companies’ combined offering for physician practices integrates clinical and financial processes, and enables practices to share patient information with the extended healthcare enterprise while maintaining independent financial records. The two companies are working to drive broader adoption of EMR technology, especially for the many physicians concerned about exposing their practices’ financial information to affiliated hospitals.

Eclipsys demonstrated how its comprehensive suite of financial solutions help improve cash flow by moving key processes to the front end of the care process and gathering important data before the patient leaves the facility. Eclipsys financial solutions enable complete and prompt reimbursement by automatically generating billing codes and calculations of expected reimbursement on the back end.

Eclipsys also was a Leadership Level participant of the Interoperability Showcase sponsored by HIMSS and IHE (Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise). At the Showcase, Eclipsys worked with other HIT vendors to demonstrate a state-of-the-art regional health information organization (RHIO) network, including a prototype of interoperable EHRs that feature embedded security and multiple-patient identifier technology.