EDDA highlights updated chest, liver CAD solutions
EDDA Technologies featured its enterprise CAD solutions for chest CR/DR and liver for contrast CT at the 2008 Society of Imaging Informatics in Medicine (SIIM) meeting Seattle last month.

The IQQA-Liver Enterprise for contrast CT supports physicians’ real-time evaluation of liver and hepatic lesions on hospitals’ existing PACS workstations. It performs automatic anatomic phase registration to allow simultaneous visualization and cross-referencing of lesion location and characteristics across the different phases, the Princeton, N.J.-based company said. The IQQA-Liver Enterprise provides 3D segmentation and measurement tools for the visualization and analysis of liver lesions, hepatic vascular structures as well as liver, liver lobes and segments.

In the older version, “when the images would launch, a barcode would appear, which frustrated some PACS administrators, so in an effort to be as seamless as possible, it was eliminated,” Scott Choinski, director of sales at EDDA, told Health Imaging News.

He added that the improved CAD solutions have a “seamless deployment to almost any PACS, and have been improved, in terms of scalability.”

Choinski also noted that the updated EDDA solutions could be appropriate for any size hospital or health system. However, he said that the systems are particularly beneficial as an educational tool for residents.

The IQQA–Chest Enterprise provides a set of real-time interactive tools to support physicians in the identification, confirmation and quantification of lung nodules. The tool offers the option of floating licenses across the PACS network on review stations.

“Our tools shouldn’t be perceived as a threat to radiologists, because in no way, are these tools intended to replace the radiologist. Ultimately, these are tools to assist the radiologist,” Choinski said.