eHealth Global introduces medical record management services for clinical trials
A new medical record management service, eHealth Connect for Clinical Trials, was debuted by eHealth Global Technologies at the 2008 American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) conference in Chicago this week.

By using the latest technology and digital standards, eHealthConnect for Clinical Trials brings together scattered patient records and imaging needed for clinical trials, regardless of location and format, according to eHealth.

The solution is based on the company’s eHealthConnect, which replaces ad hoc data collection with a systematic method that is reliable and swift. Upon request from a clinician or administrator, eHealth Global’s Clinical Customer Service team collects, digitizes, organizes, stores and secures medical records for prompt utilization by clinical trial participants and reviewers.

“Patient information must be readily accessible and available to examiners and clinicians in a useable format to help identify the most qualified participants and also ensure a safe, effective trial evaluation process,” said Michael Margiotta CEO of eHealth Global. “This service represents one answer for facilities seeking to turn patient information into clinical knowledge for evaluation during the clinical trial or at the point of care.”

Central to the service is the ability to integrate and provide accessibility of data into the trial sites’ and contract research organization’s information systems, including EMR and PACS.  All digitized information is sent to a facility’s internal systems over a virtual private network, ensuring patient privacy and the security of data. In addition, for pre-market and investigational trials, full 21 CFR Part 11 compliant solutions are offered, according to the company.