eHealth Global launches viewer for image analysis and review
eHealth Global Technologies has released its next-generation eHealthViewer for clinical image analysis and review on Windows desktop, Windows mobile device or a smartphone.

eHealthViewer is a small, lightweight client that provides a secure, high-speed image viewing over networks, including wireless, and across firewalls, according to the Rochester, N.Y.-based company.

In addition to viewing full-resolution diagnostic images, eHealth Global said its solution offers a suite of measurement tools that allows users to conduct clinical analysis and obtain anatomic measurements, 3D image rendering and multi-planar reformats and on-the-fly digital subtraction angiography.

Users can also view full radiology reports in conjunction with the corresponding diagnostic image(s), even on handheld devices, the company said.

The eHealthViewer is provided as software-as-a-service (SaaS) from eHealth Global’s tier-1 data center. Installation requires no special PC hardware or software, eHealth Global said.