Eizo unveils new monitor lines
Eizo Display Technologies unveiled RadiForce LS560W and RadiForce LX560W 8 megapixel (MP) color LCD monitors at the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) annual meeting in Chicago, Nov. 30 through Dec. 4.

Suited for vascular applications, Eizo said its RadiForce LS560W is a widescreen monitor with a 3840 _ 2160 native resolution and 56-inch screen. The digital video distribution system bundles the RadiForce LS560W with Eizo’s new Large Monitor Manager (LMM) 56800, which collects input signals from up to 27 different video sources, arranges information according to customer demands and transmits the new combined picture to the 8 MP monitor. The RadiForce LS560W has a contrast ratio of 1200:1, brightness of 450 cd/m2, and horizontal and vertical viewing angles of 176 degrees. The viewing area and resolution are approximately equal to six 1.3 MP monitors without the distracting bezels.

The 8 MP monitor offers automated brightness stability with an Internal Stability system, while a luminance uniformity correction function provides homogeneous brightness from one corner of the screen to the other, according to the company.
With the RadiForce LX560W, Eizo said the placement and size of the source windows on the monitor are arranged using the LMM 56800. The LMM 56800 facilitates creating different sets of window layouts according to application needs. Pictures can be scaled to the desired size, and less important information can be moved out from visible area. Different workflow scenarios can be predefined and recalled on demand.

The RadiForce LX560W comes with a programmable software interface that can be controlled by customer applications. A service interface provides diagnostic and status information. Security features such as redundancy and cyclic life check of major system components, together with a fast signal processing speed of less than 16 ms per channel provide further functionality. All components in patient vicinity comply with stringent medical, safety and EMC emission standards.

In addition, Eizo said its quality management system for medical devices is ISO 13485 certified. Optional accessories for the Radiforce LX560W and LS560W include the SDL 3502 dual DVI transmission link which transmits data up to 36 meters between the LMM 56800 and the monitor without any signal degradation, an analog to digital converter box to connect to customer specific video timing and various cables and adapters to allow connections to existing sources. Both displays solutions are scheduled for mass production in the second quarter of 2009, the company said.

Eizo also launched RadiForce RS110 1 MP high contrast display solution designed for viewing MRI, CT and ultrasound images. It succeeds the RadiForce R12 and includes viewing angles increased from 170 degrees to 176 degrees, contrast ratio from 450:1 to 800:1, brightness from 270 cd/m_ to 290 cd/m_ and a five-year warranty. RadiForce RS110 offers a 1280 x 1024 native resolution across a 19-inch screen. It utilizes a new In-Plane Switching panel with no noticeable color shift when viewing the screen from oblique angles. The 800:1 contrast ratio results in deep black, ensuring colors retain their richness.
The five-year warranty is valid in every country where an Eizo subsidiary or distributor is located and covers brightness stability during the specified usage time. RadiForce RS110 comes with a CAL Switch function that has various calibration modes for different modalities such as digital subtraction angiography, MRI and CT. The ScreenManager Pro for Medical utility software includes a Backlight Saver function that interfaces with a particular application to the monitor’s backlight off or on when that application is turned off or on. Mass production of the RadiForce RS110 is scheduled for February 2009, the company said.
Eizo also showcased the SXD31899, a 3D monitor designed for nuclear medicine and 3D rendering that eliminates the need for glasses. The new FlexScan MX series of clinical review stations offer a DICOM compliant review system, and the high bright 3 MP color solution allows users to view monochrome images on a color system. The monochrome LCD system pairs two 5 MP displays and eliminate the distracting bezel between separate displays.