Elekta completes acquisition of 3D Line Medical Systems
Elekta finalized the acquisition of 3D Line Medical Systems based in Milan, Italy. Elekta’s aim in the purchase is to add R&D capabilities in stereotactic radiosurgery and dynamic IMRT treatments as well as a 3D Line’s product portfolio of equipment and treatment planning software systems for performing radiation therapy with precision and optimized dose distribution.

Among the 3D Line technologies are the ERGO++, a specialized treatment planning system for stereotactic radiation therapy and dynamic IMRT and the Dynarti series of micro-sized multi-leaf collimators.

Elekta will pay $13.5 million in cash for assets in 3D Line Medical Systems related to radiation therapy and up to a maximum of $10.8 million, based on future performance over three years.

In 2006, 3D Line's net sales totaled $8.1 million.