Elekta debuts new linear accelerator
Radiation therapy and information systems device developer Elekta unveiled a new linear accelerator, the Elekta Compact, at the European Society of Therapeutic Radiation Oncologists conference in Barcelona, Spain, this week.

The Elekta Compact was designed with a single low-energy photon beam and a small footprint for use in a small treatment room and in specialized markets, according to the Stockholm, Sweden-based firm.

The company said that in rooms that previously contained a cobalt unit, or a treatment room with limited space, the Elekta Compact may provide the opportunity to offer linear-accelerator-based treatments.

The device features an interface to allow the output of treatment parameters to external record-and-verify systems, and provides an upgrade path for a mini multi-leaf collimator to be mounted along with associated small field cones for stereotactic radiotherapy and radiosurgery, Elekta said.