Elekta wraps up acquisition of majority of BMEI

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Elekta today announced the completion of its acquisition of 80 percent equity of the Chinese provider of radiation therapy equipment, Beijing Medical Equipment Institute (BMEI). This wraps up the planned transformation of BMEI into a joint venture operation aimed at the fast growing Chinese market for radiation therapy. BMEI is the largest domestic Chinese supplier of radiation therapy systems with an installed base of around 260 units, with a strong R&D focus, Elekta said.
BMEI brings to Elekta the ability to more fully meet market needs within China within the affordable and lower cost radiation therapy systems arena. Thus Elekta plans to position itself as a comprehensive provider of linear accelerators. The plan is for BMEI within two years to launch new radiation therapy equipment aimed for the domestic and international markets, complementing the existing Elekta portfolio, the company said.
The agreement includes a future option for Elekta to take hold of the remaining 20 percent of the joint venture equity now in possession of seller Beijing Pharmaceutical Group Co. Ltd.