Emageon (Booth 7836) is demonstrating new product features, including system upgrades for RadSuite 5.35.1, EVMS 8.10.1, HeartSuite 6.20.1 and Hemo 7.10 and the new Outside Study Gateway (OSG) product.

RadSuite 5.35.1 and EVMS (platform) 8.10.1 improvements add a thumbnail icon that appears when studies have been viewed and completely displayed; a viewer "specialist review" for image intensive specialists; URL Launch to speed study viewing for review without needing a full AV download; MammoSuite desktop integration allowing context sharing for multi-modality support and CAD; integration of Epic Radiant RIS-driven workflow; workflow/work-list productivity improvements including the Study Note feature; and web-based administration expanding management functionality.

Other updates include Microsoft Installer for enterprise deployment; a 64-bit server for faster processing; consolidation of RadSuite/HeartSuite enterprise content manager, merging the radiology/cardiology image repository; and institutional level access control and enhancements to the cine performance for the enterprise clinical viewer.

OSG is a vendor-neutral solution that standardizes the process for physician access to imaging studies performed at other facilities.  It enables the receipt of studies in advance of the patient's arrival and regardless of the sending - or receiving - hospital's PACS. 

HeartSuite 6.20.1 improvements include web-based clinical reporting expanding reporting from any location, easier navigation and a consistent user interface across reporting knowledge bases.  In addition, there are now integrations for HeartSuite ECG, dynamic 3D echo visualization and analysis through TomTec, nuclear medicine with INVIA and CT-angio by TeraRecon.

HeartSuite Hemo 7.10 improvements include concurrent access and documentation even when the patient is not in the immediate area for more efficient workflow and improved laboratory throughput. Also there are expanded "required items" for the quality of data to support data mining and customer customization and End Tidal CO2 Monitoring allowing the user to capture EtCO2, respiration, apnea and patient temperature during a procedure.

In addition, HeartSuite's integration of the new Version 4 ACC-NCDR Cath-PCI Registry will be shown, as well as advancements to both HeartSuite VERICIS and Hemodynamics on display as works in progress.