Emageon unveils Outside Study Gateway
Emageon featured its new Outside Study Gateway (OSG) at the 2008 RSNA meeting in Chicago earlier this month.

Emageon said its OSG offers a solution that enables outside facilities to perform direct DICOM transmission of PACS images to a receiving hospital’s OSG server, providing for patient and exam integrity checks to be automatically performed as well as auto-forwarding into the receiving hospital’s enterprise PACS.

The studies are transmitted securely across a virtual private network and segregated. The integrity checks avoid potential overlaps in patient IDs that could occur by combining data from multiple sites. Authorized physicians can then view these studies immediately using their existing PACS workstations and the toolsets with which they are familiar.

This solution allows side-by-side comparisons of additional exams performed with the outside exams done at the remote facility. The Emageon OSG also has the capacity for new studies to be provided back securely and electronically to the referring facility.