With repetitive stress injuries on the rise across the healthcare enterprise, facilities are investing in more ergonomically sound workstations and furniture for image viewing applications.

Vendors are answering the call with a wide variety of solutions, such as multi-function, adjustable carts for laptops, tablet PCs and flat-panels.

Anthro (booth #1156) is showing a height-adjustable and compact POC Cart suited for use in the smallest settings.

The system's height ranges from 30-inches to 40-inches, making it ideal for working while standing or sitting. Five four-inch casters keep the POC Cart stable and mobile, while a trunk cover both protects and routes cables out of the way. Bins and shelves also are available for additional storage.

Ergotron (booth #4347) is introducing StyleView, a new point-of-care cart that is ergonomically designed for nurses and engineered for IT professionals.

Available in flat-panel, laptop and Tablet PC versions, the cart's 20-inch height range is suitable for data entry while seated or standing. Ergotron's lift technology permits easy light-touch motion, the company says. A barcode scanner holder allows healthcare providers to deploy the system where automatic patient registration and medication administration systems are used. Equipment locks increase hardware security. The system offers an optional integrated 34 Ah and 55 Ah power systems. In addition, a digital control panel provides precise power supply monitoring.

Mediamounts (booth #7001) is debuting its new Wall Track Mounting series that enables an LCD display or displays, keyboard/mouse and CPU to be positioned on the wall.

The wall track device offers users the flexibility to adjust the screen and keyboard to a comfortable ergonomic height, change viewing angles to improve legibility and reduce glare. Product options for Mediamounts' Wall Track series include mounted writing surfaces for paperwork, extension arms for reach which can be pulled out or folded up flat to the wall to save space and multiple displays mounted for use in radiology and medical imaging applications.

Planar Systems Inc. (booth #2047) at HIMSS 2005 is featuring the latest additions to its line of ergonomic, mobile workstations.

Planar's new Dome Surgery Review Cart is a mobile display workstation that brings PACS into the OR. The dual-headed, mobile cart enables referral and diagnostic viewing of imaging modalities including x-rays, CT, MR, nuclear and ultrasound. Planar says the cart is equipped with its QA software, Dome CXtra. The four display options include the: Dome C3i or C2, 3- or 2MP grayscale displays ideal for referral and diagnostic viewing of soft tissue, neurologic and orthopedic image studies. Dome Q2 is intended for referral and low-resolution viewing of grayscale images. Dome P2, a 2MP monitor for color or grayscale image viewing in clinical or referral settings, is designed as a web PACS viewing station.

In addition, the system comes with a Dome video card, an easy-to-clean cart that holds cables, a sealed keyboard and a mounting bracket that holds a mini-tower CPU securely to the cart. Hospitals have the option to utilize a PC brand of their choice and connect to the network either by wire or wirelessly.

Planar is highlighting its new Invitium mobile point-of-care workstation that is available in Tn4 and Tk7 configurations. The Invitium Tn4 mobile POC system supports thin-client, Citrix-based computing and the Tk7 system is designed for users who need a Windows XP workstation in a traditional client/server network.

Both designs have a wheel base of 18-by-18 inches and quiet, ball-bearing casters to minimize rolling resistance for easy maneuverability between and within patient rooms. System batteries work for up to eight hours between charges and communicate an on-screen battery gauge that displays the remaining life of the battery on the screen.

Both the Invitium Tn4 and Tk7 systems are available with an optional touch screen and have 10/100-base-T Ethernet connectivity, as well as wireless 802.11 a, b and g support.

Proximity Systems (booth #1511) is displaying its wall-mounted, retractable desks designed specifically for high-performance, diagnostic-quality PACS workstations.

The PACS Units can house one, two or more monitors and offer optional features such as open faced and swivel positioning monitors, aiding in the proper review of electronic medical images.

Stinger Medical (booth #6141) is introducing three new products at HIMSS 2005.

The Fusion and Slimline are the latest additions to the Stinger Medical family of mobile workstations. The MC2 Power System is Stinger's new power system. Compatible with both sealed lead acid (SLA) and nickel metal hydride (NiMH), the MC2 is backed by an 18-month, hassle-free warranty on power system electronics.

Wright Line LLC (booth #6369) is highlighting its enclosure systems, including its new Four-Post Rack that offers an open, accessible architecture for cable-dense network, server and telecommunications equipment.

Wright Line said that installation of hardware in the Four-Post-Rack is achieved with unrestricted access to all sides of the system. Labeled U-spaces also assist with the deployment of hardware while the design provides airflow into and out of equipment.