Ergotron brings upgraded StyleView Carts
Ergotron showed its newly upgraded point-of-care StyleView Carts at HIMSS07 in New Orleans last week. The new generation product is focused on improved viewing comfort and productivity through an expanded range of height adjustments, such as: 26 inches of sit-to-stand motion is combined with an additional 5 inches of independent monitor height adjustment and 25 degree screen tilt (on flat panel configurations), which benefits all users, including those who wear progressive lenses, the company said.

Also, a keyboard tray provides up to 12 degrees of negative tilt—recommended by ergonomists for the proper typing position. This reduces the risk of repetitive stress injuries. The enclosed cable management compartment neatly routes and hides cables, making it easy to keep things sanitary.

With an optional 55 Ah power system, StyleView Carts can accommodate future hardware upgrades. The power system has a standard two-year warranty. The upgraded StyleLink software has been configured to enhance power system management, helping extend battery life by offering battery cycle count, email alerts and automatic software updates. Diagnostic tests can be run on the cart’s usage which can be exported for audits.

The powered carts come standard with a programmable, auto-locking electronic keypad medication drawer, making StyleView both a point-of-care cart and a medication-delivery system, Ergotron said.

The company expects to release the new version carts by mid-May.