ETS-Lindgren announces Modular Lighting Controller II

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ETS-Lindgren unveiled its Modular Lighting Controller II (MLC-II), a versatile and cost-effective lighting technology for MRI applications.
The MLC-II is available in both variable and non-variable designs that meet AC or DC requirements, and is compatible with all conventional MRI systems, inclusive of 4 and 7 Tesla field strengths, ETC-Lindgren said. It provides line and load bi-directional transient protection with less than a 5 nanosecond reaction time and 12,000 watt power dissipation capability. The MLC-II's soft start system protects against high in rush currents. The unit complies with all UL and cUL requirements.
In addition, the MLC-II can be configured to meet individual MRI suite requirements, and to support any number of lighting circuits.
ETS-Lindgren said MLC-II's modular design allows users to purchase only what is required for their specific MRI system's DC or AC lighting needs.