EU creates Ebay for radiologists
A European Union project aims to create an Ebay-style online market for radiology services.

Called R-Bay, the e-TEN project will test the concept and technical components needed create an online marketplace for e-radiology services. Carestream Health will provide the RIS to be used in the project’s test platform. This test phase will focus on enabling the remote reporting of images from hospitals in Denmark, Finland and Czech Republic by clinical providers in Estonia, Lithuania and the Netherlands.

Eleven partners from eight European countries will test radiology services such as e-interpretation, e-processing, e-archiving and e-training in six field trials consisting of a customer and a clinical provider.

The R-Bay project is intended to provide the foundations for the creation of a unique internal online marketplace for e-health services in Europe that will act as a cross border commodity brokering and exchange place. If it proves a success, it could enable the sale and purchase of remote viewing, consulting and second opinion radiology services across the EU, according to Carestream.

R-Bay will also offer optional integrated applications such as image fusion and orthopedic surgical templating in addition to native 3D imaging and advanced cardiac features, using the latest version of Kodak Carestream PACS.