EU heart group meets to combat continents number one killer, CVD
As cardiovascular disease (CVD) stands to be the number one killer in Europe, members of the European Parliament Heart Group met Wednesday to add improving Europe’s heart health to its political agenda.

The meeting, which took place in Brussels, Belgium, focused on hindering the effects of CVD by developing strategies and activities to avert the disease and raise further awareness of its prevention.

According to the European Society of Cardiology, CVD accounts for two million deaths per year in the European Union (EU) alone and soaks up more than EUR190 billion ($286 billion U.S.).

"The EU cannot turn its back on CVD", said Linda McAvan, co-chair of the European Parliament Heart Group. "Evidence does exist that prevention brings significant health gains. It is therefore the task of decision makers at European and national levels to ensure that effective policies supporting prevention are put in place."