EverBright Lighting shows new MRI suite lighting control
Everbrite Lighting Technologies (ELT) showcased its MRI compatible lighting which uses LED technology at RSNA 2006 in Chicago. The company highlighted a new product within its MedLux line known as the MedLux XLS Dimmer.

The XLS Dimmer Control uses a technique called pulse width modulation through which the LEDs are turned on and off so quickly that the eye cannot perceive the change. There is no delay which essentially translates into instant lighting.

The company showcased other components of its MedLux GPI (graphic panel illuminator) systems for MRI suites that can be used as wall or ceiling systems.

Additionally, the company the company demonstrated its Down Lights (can lights) that maintain an even light temperature continually and have light output of just under a 100 watt bulb. This makes for a maintenance free lighting system, and one that reduces the amount of traffic in an MRI room, said Jeff Glatzow, ELT product manager.

According to the company, other benefits of LED technology include:
  • Rated to 100,000 hours, more than 10 years of continuous use
  • Maintenance free, ensuring no down time
  • Noise free, assuring no radio frequency interference
  • Cost effective operation