FDA approves Covidien contrast delivery system with RFID
The FDA has approved Covidien Imaging Solutions' contrast delivery system with radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology.

Covidien's contrast delivery system combines its unit-dose Ultraject prefilled contrast media syringes with its Optivantage DH power injectors to provide the only RFID-enabled contrast delivery solution available in North America, according to the Hamilton, Bermuda-based Covidien. The company said its RFID captures, stores and transmits data between the Ultraject syringe and the Optivantage DH power injector using devices called RFID transponders.

With RFID technology, Covidien said that its system creates an intelligent interface between the contrast media syringe and the power injector that enables radiology technologists to better ensure that each patient receives the prescribed drug and drug dose during a procedure.