FDA approves IMT ultrasound software
Toshiba America Medical Systems’ Auto-IMT, an ultrasound software tool that can measure the thickness of the intima-media layers of the carotid artery for evaluating an asymptomatic patient’s risk of developing cardiovascular disease, has garnered FDA clearance.

Auto-IMT can determine the thickness of the near and far arterial walls from three segments of the carotid artery: at an optimal angle of incidence and two complementary planes. Auto-IMT traces the two complementary planes automatically and calculates the distance between them, according to the Tustin, Calif-based Toshiba. The Auto-IMT uses the collected images following the American Society of Echocardiography’s (ASE) consensus statement for the diagnosis.

The company said Auto-IMT is available on its Aplio XG, Aplio MX and Xario XG ultrasound systems.