FDA approves low-dose DR system from Kubtec

Kubtec has announced the FDA approval of the KUB 250, a portable low-dose digital x-ray system designed for the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).

The KUB 250 is the first DR system to image with 96 micron resolution, according to the company. This compares with pixel resolutions in the 150-170 micron range for most present day systems. Kubtec claims the boosted image quality will eliminate additional, unneeded x-rays and reduce dose by as much as 40 percent per acquired image.

Designed for the NICU, the KUB 250 can fit beside incubators and has a lightweight DR detector that slides into the incubator slot, eliminating the need to move neonates.

Kubtec plans to officially launch the new system at the RSNA 2014 annual meeting Nov. 30 – Dec. 5 in Chicago.