FDA clears GE Healthcare's new Innova CT application for 3D images
The Food and Drug Administration has cleared GE Healthcare's Innova CT technology for its Innova digital fluoroscopic imaging systems. This enhancement to GE's Innova 4100 and Innova 3100 cardiovascular interventional imaging systems could help change the direction of medical imaging for surgical patients, according to Laura King, global vice president, interventional, cardiology and surgery at GE Healthcare.

"We've now combined the best of both worlds," said King. "GE has taken three-dimensional medical imaging to the next level by bringing 3D interventional images normally acquired during CT scans into the x-ray interventional lab. The new Innova CT technology will make 3D anatomical imaging much more available for patient use during an image -guided interventional procedure."

GE's Innova CT technology reconstructs CT-like 3D volumes from rotational fluoroscopy acquisitions for more effective guidance within the interventional suite. These images can help interventionalists in diagnosis, surgical planning, device placement, ablation and embolization in tissue. 

"This is a significant breakthrough for interventional imaging," said Professor Francis Joffre, MD, chief radiologist at the University Hospital Rangueil, Toulouse, France. "For years, I have had to rely on two dimensional images to navigate in three dimensions. For the first time, the Innova CT provides 3D imaging of bone and soft tissue bringing better accuracy when targeting lesions, guiding devices and assessing the impact of a lot of interventional procedures."