FDA clears GEs compact CT
The FDA has cleared GE Healthcare’s Optima CT660, a compact CT system providing low-dose scanning.

Designed for sustainability and ease-of-use, the CT platform is scalable from 32 to 128 slices through purchasable options and enables imaging in a variety of clinical settings, including cardiac, neurological, ER and routine CT, according to the Waukesha, Wis.-based GE.

Optima CT660 combines GE’s ASiR+ (Adaptive Statistical Iterative Reconstruction) technology, workflow features and applications for cardiovascular, oncology, neurology, CT angiography and other fields.

Additionally, GE’s Optima CT660 features tools that help clinical users manage dose. Standard on the Optima CT660, “Dose Check” technology notifies and alerts CT users prior to scanning if the estimated dose is above their institution’s set values; requires user authority checks when estimated dose exceeds the alert value; enables pediatric and adult alert values; and provides for audit logging, review and protocol change control capabilities.

Other features include automatic table positioning and a color 12-inch integrated gantry display.