FDA clears Somatom CT upgrade
The FDA has cleared Siemens Healthcare's Somatom Definition Flash dual-source CT system with the Stellar Detector for sale and distribution in the U.S.

The Stellar Detector enhances the Somatom Definition Flash CT system by delivering high spatial resolution and generating thin slices, according to Siemens. Utilizing the Stellar Detector, Somatom Definition Flash CT system can enable cardiac scanning in only a quarter of a heartbeat, Siemens said. Other features include a maximum temporal resolution of 75 ms.

The addition of Siemens’ TrueSignal technology integrates the electronic detector components into the photodiode to reduce power consumption.

Siemens’ FAST CARE (Fully Assisting Scanner Technologies/Combined Applications to Reduce Exposure) seeks to accelerate workflow and reduce dose. For example, the FAST Spine feature can enable one-click preparation of vertebrae and disc reconstructions.

Johns Hopkins will be one of the first facilities to acquire the Somatom Definition Flash CT system with the Stellar Detector, according to Eliot K. Fishman, MD, director of diagnostic imaging and body CT at Johns Hopkins Medicine in Baltimore.