FDA nets nearly $300M more funding for 2009
Congress has assured increased funding for the FDA in fiscal year 2009, with the passage of the continuing resolution (CR) by the House of Representatives last Wednesday and by the Senate on Saturday.

“We expect FDA to have nearly $300 million more to spend in FY09, compared to the amount it actually has spent in FY08,” said Wayne Pines, president of the Alliance for a Stronger FDA.

Under the CR, the agency will be allowed to count supplemental funding received on July 1 as part of its FY08 base. The effect is to provide the agency with about $150 million extra in FY09, assuming the CR level extends for the entire fiscal year.

In addition, the alliance said that the supplemental funds are available until Sept. 30, 2009 and are largely unspent, providing an additional $150 million to strengthen the agency. Thus, half of the new money will come from Congress’ decision to calculate the FY09 CR base at a higher level and the other half would be from the FY08 supplemental appropriation monies.