First-time RSNA exhibitor GencoSoft launches AutoPACS
GencoSoft, a first time exhibitor at this year’s RSNA annual conference, featured its AutoPACS, a DICOM image router, server and burner.

M. Murat Yesildal, president and CEO of GencoSoft, said the company that was formed about two years prior, has become popular quickly due to its affordability and flexibility of the company’s product.

AutoPACS is built on Microsoft .NET technology, and offers a complete function set to its user community. GencoSoft said its product is completely customizable, and can be tailored to meet an end-user’s specific needs. AutoPACS works with existing DICOM 3 compliant system. AutoPACS is capable of burning CD/DVD, DICOM printing, manipulating image tag(s) and programmable for automation.

Yesildal said this product functionality and features that do not exist in the various PACS. He also said the definitive feature of AutoPACS is the ability to script the features, and have the feature apply to a target-specific work environment in the DICOM community – the product is completely customizable to the environment. 

Also, for small facilities who do not currently have a PACS in place, AutoPACS can act as a standalone PACS.

Its AutoPACS Full service, which can be downloaded for $4,800, comes with a rule manager module; DICOM printing module; CD/DVD burning module; and an image tag manipulation module.