Fischer exhibits softcopy digital mammo workstations
Fischer Imaging Corp. featured its SenoView dedicated workstation and SenoViewPlus multi-modality workstation this week at the American Healthcare Radiology Administrator's meeting in Boston. While the products are not yet commercially released, Fischer said the systems are in its final stages of beta testing and will be ready to deploy early this fall.

SenoView is a dedicated mammography softcopy workstation and SenoView Plus is designed to display not only mammography images, but MRI, CT and ultrasound as well. The systems offer a rich set of features, including automated workflow, integration and flexibility, image comparison and dedicated mammography tools.

In May, Fischer and Cedara Software Corp. entered into a cooperative sales, marketing and support agreement to integrate a customized version of Cedara's new Cedara I-ReadMammo workstation software with Fischer's SenoScan digital mammography scanning system. The agreement allowed Fischer to offer its customers the I-ReadMammo-based SenoView dedicated mammography softcopy workstation and the SenoView Plus - combining both I-ReadMammo and I-SoftView Cedara software - for multi-modality image display and review.