Flo Healthcare unveils new mobile workstation
Wireless mobile workstations, infrastructure, and service provider Flo Healthcare demonstrated its newly released Flo 1800 mobile workstation.

The Flo 1800, part of the company’s 1000 series, offers advanced ergonomics that bring the clinician closer to the patient with a taller, modular design. The customizable workstation is designed to offer hospitals more choices in fully integrated peripherals, including handheld units, bar code scanners, vitals technology, and a Lifespan Healthcare rail system.

Overall, the Flo 1800 system is designed to help clinicians and IT personnel integrate technology to ease the process at hospitals as they move toward EMR implementation, the company said.

For example, nurses and physicians place importance on a workstation’s aesthetics and ergonomics (i.e. height-adjustable, wide keyboard tray), the company said, IT departments look for reliable, rugged, integrated design.

Like all Flo carts, the 1800 has a plug ‘n play design with easy set-up. The PC sits at the workstation’s center of gravity making it very stable, and service simple with the PC positioned directly on the cart.

Other benefits:
  • IT can be configured as needed;
  • The 1800 has a larger workspace, full-sized keyboard, and is lightweight;
  • It has a taller, modular model with a small footprint that can go anywhere;
  • The PC mounting system provides for easy access for service; and
  • The 1800 arrives fully assembled and integrated.