Fovia Medical
Fovia Medical (Booth 9546) is demonstrating native support for integration of embedded polygon objects within volumetric datasets without requiring developers to write OpenGL or DirectX code at this year’s RSNA.

The technology allows developers to accurately render polygon objects interfacing with a volume containing transparency. In addition, Fovia supports development for all .NET family of languages including C#.

The firm also is demonstrating capabilities of its CPU-based High Definition Volume Rendering (HDVR) client/server solution. The HDVR engine interactively renders large volumes of data at limits of 4096x4096x4096 voxels.

Selected benefits of Fovia’s HDVR proprietary solution include on-the-fly, interactive deep super sampling with off-the-shelf hardware and interactive rendering without preprocessing. It features native support for embedded polygonal objects, selected per tissue lighting control via extended transfer functions, auto-navigation for fly-through, instant segmentation, and sub-voxel precision for 3D measurement.

The HDVR software engine can be easily integrated into various original equipment manufacturers’ (OEMs) offerings; therefore allowing PACS companies, imaging modality manufacturers and other medical imaging OEMs to integrate a 3D solution.