Fovia, MGH partner for advanced visualization research
Fovia Medical has entered a research license agreement with the 3D Imaging Laboratory at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) that will enable researchers to integrate the company’s high definition volume rendering (HDVR) technology into their advanced imaging research.

“For the past decade, the 3D Imaging Service at MGH has focused on developing and delivering the highest quality in clinical 3D imaging for assisting radiologists and clinicians in diagnosis and treatment planning,” said Gordon J. Harris, PhD, director of the 3D Imaging Service and the Radiology Computer-Aided Diagnostics Laboratory at MGH and an Associate Professor of Radiology at Harvard Medical School. “To do this, we have invested heavily in research for post-processing and analysis of multi-dimensional imaging data. By incorporating high-quality visualization with our research application software, we hope to enhance the development of new paradigms for interpretation of multi-dimensional medical images, and ultimately improve patient care.”

According to the Palo Alto, Calif.-based Fovia, its HDVR technology has proprietary, adaptive algorithms that provide interactive, super-sampling quality on desktop PCs and networked laptop computers, without using specialized hardware or video cards.