Franklin & Seidelmann, AccuRad align for result management process
Radiology interpretations provider Franklin & Seidelmann (F&S) has integrated its critical findings result management process into a Web-based radiology workflow system, AccuRad.

The Cleveland-based F&S will work with AccuRad’s radiology report system that manages the creation and distribution of the reports in automating communication between the radiologist and referring physician.

The system will allow F&S radiologists to convey critical result notifications at an identified time to the referring physician, the companies said. Once a radiologist sends an alert via their reading dashboard, it will be routed to an F&S operations staff who will then contact the referring physician. The radiologist and the physician will then be able to verbally communicate regarding the test results.

The software will document the communication with date and time records tracking each point of contact between the two physicians, according to the companies. The system has been put into practice within F&S’ current hospital clients by way of the hospitals’ service agreement.