Fujifilm extends CR promotion to Premier members
Fujifilm Medical Systems is offering updated purchasing incentives on its line of Fujifilm Computed Radiography (FCR) products to members of the Premier alliance, a healthcare group purchasing organization.

The company said the three-month Group Buy program will provide Premier members with additional incentives to adopt its line of FCR readers and accessories. The program runs from April through June 2010.

Fujifilm said the promotion is an enhancement to its new three-year contract, which became effective Jan. 1. Under the existing agreement the company’s FCR readers, FCR imaging plates, CR cassettes and accessories are sold to Premier members at cost effective prices. Also included in the current contract is Fujifilm’s digital mammography system, the Aspire ClearView. The ClearView features Fujifilm’s dual-side reading technology for 50 micron pixel pitch, which is ideal for exams that require the visualization of fine detail.

Warranties, training tuition, and service are also included under the contract, which runs through December 2012.