Fujitsu, BizTech partner on patient ID authentication tool
Fujitsu Computer Products of America and BizTech Healthcare Solutions have integrated Fujitsu’s PalmSecure biometric authentication device with BizTech’s ProMed Patient Registration, an identity management system for healthcare organizations.

The Fujitsu PalmSecure device works by using a near infrared light to capture the vein pattern in a patient's palm. Once the vein image has been captured and a vein template has been generated, ProMed Patient Registration associates the template to the patient's medical records.

The application integrates directly with an existing health information system, and enables registration staff  to scan and digitize driver's licenses, insurance cards, and other documents with no additional data entry, which helps to decrease patient registration processing time.

According to the firms, the combined system protects patients from identity theft and insurance fraud. In addition, it assists healthcare providers to accurately identify patients with PalmSecure and reference the correct medical treatment using the BizTech software.