Fujitsu releases the smallest, lightest convertible notebook so far

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Looking for a computer you can work on and then just throw in your coat pocket when you're done? This may be your lucky week. Fujitsu Computer Systems this week announced the LifeBook P1500 notebook, which the company says is the industry's smallest convertible notebook released thus far. The notebook can be easily converted from a conventional notebook into a slate tablet, Fujitsu said.

The LifeBook P1500 notebook is a successor of the popular LifeBook P1000 notebook, which has been on the market for nearly three years and has earned accolades  for its small size and portability, touch screen, long battery life, and wireless capability, said Paul Moore, director of product marketing for Fujitsu.
When Fujitsu began looking at the next generation for the line of notebooks they realized there were a few things they had to keep in place. The company was determined to keep the weight the same at 2.2 pounds, sought to maintain the battery life, and they also didn't want to go smaller on the keyboard or the screen which is an 8.9 inch wide touch screen display, said Moore. He added that any "additional benefits that could be added to the package would just be gravy."
Fujitsu also had a few requests from users regarding performance, such as speed. So the company shifted to the Intel Pentium M Processor Ultra Low Voltage 753 processor to improve performance.

Other features were added to the new notebook, including:
  • ABG wireless allows users to access any wireless band they want;
  • Memory in the P1000 was a little limiting. Users are trying to do more with these small machines than they were three years ago. So, Fujitsu bumped the system memory to 1 GB;
  • Screen brightness was improved;
  • A biometric reader is now part of the system; and
  • Fujitsu is adding Blue Tooth capability to the system -- which will be available starting in October.
The notebook also includes a built-in modem, LAN and optional Atheros Super AG WLAN with dual diversity antenna.

Most significantly, in watching some of the physicians, nurses and clinicians using the system, Moore said, developers realized that if they offered a slate mode it would be more efficient for some of the forms-based applications they use, so the P1500 was turned it into a convertible as well.

"There are instances that users want the slate mode but also the keyboard, so that's what we've done on this device," Moore added. Thus, the unit allows users to rotate the screen and tilt it up to transform it into a standard notebook with a keyboard.

In addition, the LifeBook P1500 notebook can be converted into a desktop PC. By using the ports and card slots, a user can attach a standard keyboard or large screen monitor. An optional docking station also is available. The notebook is also Microsoft applications friendly and carries a price tag of $1,499.