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RSNA 2005 featured a broad assortment of furniture and carts to enhance the comfort or radiologists and other specialists when reading images. Some make working a bit less strenuous, others help operating rooms tight on space or bring modalities to the point-of-care, while others are just a plain good ideas (providing many 'why didn't I think of that' moments for attendees, or at least to this one).
For operating rooms and the point of care, the good news is that COWS (carts on wheels) are getting smaller, smarter, and safer for use in tight spaces where they are needed. The carts can support a diverse set of monitors and can essentially bring PACS right next to the operating table.
A large number of products are addressing the needs of radiologists who sit for hours and hours at workstations. New ergonomic workstations are remarkably well suited with pain- free ways to adjust monitor, keyboard, and table positions and heights. Even coffee holders are high-tech these days!
Other deceptively simple products such as chairs and seat cushions may not look like much, but they pack an assortment of ingenious ideas in them that will aid our clinician friends in doing their important work.

AFC Industries introduced the Ergo Tier Deluxe, an ergonomic radiology reading station with an electronically powered, fully adjustable tilting work surface. The unit is also electronically height-adjustable and features a retractable monitor stand capable of holding up to three displays, the company said.

In addition, the reading station can be customized as to its dimensions and surface shape for individual user needs, and includes a corner unit to make the most of limited space. The workstation is available in a range of attractive colors and finishes.

AFC also introduced two adjustable, mobile Point-of-Care carts at the show. These carts have been designed to allow physicians to bring PCs to patient bedsides, operating rooms and elsewhere. The new pneumatic adjustable cart is capable of independent movement of both the keyboard and the standard desktop and is ideal for bedside use. The electronic version - powered by a rechargeable battery - is able to move the same way but more simply through the use of a simple button controls. Both models have a 21 x 24 inch footprint and large casters for easy mobility, as well as a retractable keyboard and mouse tray, the company said.

Anthro showcased a variety of new products and features for some of its core radiology furniture offerings, including the company's new Elevate Wrap and additions to the Carl's Table radiology station.
The Elevate Wrap is the latest in the Elevate Electric Lift Table family. The product is curved in a half-moon, cockpit-like shape to keep everything within easy reach, and has a large keyboard surface to provide plenty of room for a keyboard and mouse, leaving extra space for a notebook. By simply using the keypad, the Wrap surface quickly and quietly electrically raises and lowers.

The surfaces can be placed at a wide range of heights for multiple users. The silver-colored frame of the table is composed of 16 gauge steel, and the electrical components in each leg assembly are UL tested and approved. The large, 34 inch wide by 21 inch deep keyboard of the ELT Wrap is attached to the underside of the curved surface. A manual tilting keyboard surface can be adjusted to a negative or positive tilt to provide a flexible ergonomic angle for multiple users.

Cables from equipment can be routed through the Wrap's cable trough feature. If the ELT Wrap is used for PACS applications, the transformers for the monitors fit inside the cable trough so they're hidden. Also, mounting of a CPU on the side of the Wrap is possible with the ELT Siderack. Flat-panel monitors have additional flexibility with arms that raise them off the work surface. The Elevate Wrap is expected to be commercially available in January, the company said.
Anthro also showcased new additions to Carl's Table with an improved keyboard area; a redesigned coffee surface which is now able to move left or right and features a new more durable vinyl surface and is 50 percent larger; a mouse surface which is suede and also 50 percent bigger; and improved cable access management.
Also at the conference was the new charging workstation called eNook which has been designed for powering up laptops, PDAs or other rechargeable electronic devices. eNook can be locked for security