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AFC Bana Corner Desk CartAFC Industries (Booth #1801) is introducing its duel-tier Banana Corner Desk Cart. With curved work surfaces and ergonomic design, the new cart is designed to help maximize accessible work area with the smallest footprint possible and streamlined height adjustment. Both tiers of the cart independently adjust up and down at the press of a button, with the rear accommodating as many as six display mounts and a film illuminator. This allows the user to adjust the height of the monitors, illuminator, and work surface from a sitting to a standing work position. It also allows multiple users to share comfortably the same workstation by adjusting it to their own optimal body positioning.

Anthro Elevate CornerAnthro (Booth #6538) is showcasing its new Elevate Corner, a workstation suited for PACS and the latest of the company’s Elevate Electric Lift Table (ELT) family. It utilizes corner spaces, as well as acting as an L-shaped configuration. The L-shaped surface is 72 inches wide by 29 inches deep on each side, with enough space for a person to sit comfortably facing the corner.  The entire work surface will house six or more flat panel monitors to make the most of available space, and keep everything within reach. And through the use of an electric keypad, the Corner surface electrically raises and lowers with a range as low as 27 inches, up to 53 inches high. The silver-colored frame is composed of heavy gauge steel, with triple telescoping electrical leg assemblies that are UL tested and approved. Cables from equipment can be routed through grommets provided in the corner of the work surface, and then guided through the cable trough, which comes standard on each table. If the Elevate Corner is used for PACS applications, the transformers for the PACs monitors fit inside the cable trough so they’re hidden and out of the way. Other features include a keyboard caddy that can move in and out, up and down, swivels and tilts 20° negative to 10° positive, with a movement range from 1-1/2 inches above your work surface to 5 inches below. Other accessories include the CPU Siderack that connects a CPU to the side of ELT Corner, or a CPU Slideout that can hang from the shelf outboard of the structure but still within the footprint of the shelf due to the overhanging main work surface wings. Flat Panel Monitor Arms also gain additional flexibility with Flat Panel Monitor Arm accessories, which raise and move them for the optimal viewing angle.

Anthro also is demonstrating a number of other products including its Elevate Wrap workstation. Elevate Wrap includes adjustable shelf height, and the keyboard shelf has a manual tilt adjustment. The curved main surface will house up to four PACS/RIS flat-panel monitors. Using the electronic keypad, the wrap surface electrically raises and lowers with a range as low as 27 inches, up to 53 inches high. The 34 inches wide by 21 inches deep keyboard shelf is attached to the underside of the curved surface, and it manually tilts 5 degrees negative and 15 degrees positive. Also, the silver-colored frame of the table is composed of 16-gauge steel, and the electrical in each leg assembly is UL tested and approved. Cables from equipment can be routed through the optional cable channel.
The company also is featuring its POC cart for medical applications such as operating room, laboratory, or bedside use. The POC Cart was originally designed as a mobile station for laptops used to enter patient data at the bedside. However, its capabilities have expanded to house full-size PCs. It can be equipped with a bin and a small equipment shelf that will travel with the cart and keep the necessities close at hand.

Lastly, Anthro is providing attendees a look at the redesigned Carl’s Table; an integrated work environment for soft-copy reading. The table holds up to four monitors on arms that can be pulled closer to the radiologist for close reading and has motorized height that will lower the work surface to 25.5 inches and raise the work surface up to a standing position as high as 50 inches. 

Biomorph Flexo Level3Biomorph (Booth #8435) is launching its PACS station, the Flexo Level3, which features a triple-level telescopic frame available with standard, fast-crank adjustment or optional, whisper-quiet electric motors with built-in intelligent programming. The desk automatically remembers the last upper and lower height settings and returns to them at the touch of a button. Biomorph will preprogram the desk with several options including limited