Gamma Medica, Exxim Computing Corp sign development and sales agreement
Gamma Medica Inc. will exclusively license an enhancement package from Exxim Computing Corp. for use on its X-SPECT pre-clinical imaging system.

Gamma Medica has been delivering the standard version of Exxim's Cobra software for reconstruction of x-ray CT images produced by X-SPECT since the summer of 2003, and now will be delivering an enhanced version under this exclusive arrangement.

The new enhancements include DICOM support and beam hardening correction, which improves the reconstructed CT image quality by correcting anomalous dark shadows between and around bone structures that occur as a by-product in CT imaging.

X-SPECT, Gamma Medica's second-generation MicroSPECT system, is a specialty imaging system used by medical researchers and drug companies that use in-vivo imaging techniques and molecular markers to speed up studies of disease progression and therapy. The X-SPECT system combines the functional nuclear medicine technique, SPECT, with anatomical imaging provided by x-ray CT.

Together with its U.S. marketing partner, Siemens Medical Solutions USA Inc., Gamma Medica sells its MicroSPECT products to bio-pharmaceutical companies, research hospitals and universities.