Gamma Medica-Ideas, Mayo partner for breast cancer research project
Gamma Medica-Ideas (GM-I), has collaborated with Mayo Clinic for a $1.8 million breast cancer study funded by the National Cancer Institute.

According to Los Angeles-based GM-I, the purpose of the project is to document the advantages of using the company’s LumaGEM dual-headed molecular breast imaging (MBI) technology for the early detection, diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer.

The two-phase collaborative project will enroll approximately 500 patients in hopes of proving LumaGEM’s capabilities in breast cancer staging, therapy planning, monitoring and follow-up, said GM-I. Project researchers will use the MBI imager to non-invasively define the characteristics of a patient’s breast cancer cells at a molecular level by using established and novel radioactive markers, the company said.

During Phase I, GM-I will install a dual-headed CZT LumaGEM at Mayo Clinic. The company will install an additional system during phase II at Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles. Iraj Khalkhali, MD, in Los Angeles will take delivery of a third LumaGEM.

The patient studies will be conducted with all three systems to compare the diagnostic capabilities of this device to MRI and Mayo Clinic will evaluate new radiopharmaceuticals for the detection of breast cancer, GM-I said. Cedars-Sinai will conduct a study demonstrating the dual-isotope capability of this system and compare the diagnostic potential of both isotopes, the company said.