Gamma Medica-Ideas sells first LumaGEM
Gamma Medica-Ideas Inc. (GM-I) announced the sale of a dual-headed LumaGEM system for applications such as molecular breast imaging (MBI). This dual-head system is the first of its kind.

The system is being sold to SILK Diagnostic Imaging of McKinney, Texas. Dr. David Hickey of SILK, said, “Gamma Medica-Ideas’ dual-head LumaGEM will allow us to offer the finest possible molecular breast imaging to our patients in half the time of a single-head system, without any reduction—in fact, with enhancement—of diagnostic capabilities.”

GM-I’s LumaGEM is a dedicated gamma camera used for diagnostic imaging, including MBI. It has been marketed up to this point as a single-headed system, and such systems are installed in North America and Europe, where they are being used to provide patients with the benefits of functional breast imaging. The LumaGEM system features digital detection utilizing eV Products cadmium zinc telluride (CZT) to provide superior resolution compared with the conventional scintillation camera technology traditionally used in gamma cameras. It also allows minimal dead space at the edges of the image, permitting the closest access to the chest wall.

Researchers at the Mayo Clinic and GM-I have demonstrated that use of a dual-headed CZT system shows increased sensitivity compared with single-headed systems.