GE, Confirma delivers MRI CAD for breast cancer

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GE Healthcare and Confirma Inc. have signed a strategic alliance to deliver MRI computer-aided detection (CAD) for breast cancer. Under the terms of the agreement, GE will distribute Confirma's CADstream software to MR customers worldwide.

CADstream technology enhances the clinical efficiency of breast MR studies by highlighting and color-coding areas indicative of breast cancer for further review and automatically correcting MR images for patient movements. CADstream can streamline workflow by automating the analysis of these studies with features including image registration, subtractions, angiogenesis mapping, interactive real-time contrast curves, multi-planar reformatting, maximum intensity projections (MIPs) and volume summaries.

GE's MR technology includes the Signa Excite system that uses volume imaging software for breast assessment, called Vibrant, to enable a non-invasive imaging procedure that uses magnets and radiowaves to visualize both breasts.

According to GE, the morphing of the two technologies, Vibrant and CADstream, can reduce processing and interpretation time to a maximum of 10 minutes as well as help improve the quality of breast MRI programs.