GE expands partnership with Aussies on ultrasound disinfection
GE is pouring $7.5 million into an Australian company, Nanosonics, to push along the latter’s development and distribution of a disinfecting system for ultrasound transducers called Trophon EPR.

The investment follows six years after GE Healthcare began working with Nanosonics on the product, which won the FDA’s approval for U.S. sales in 2011. According to a joint news release, Trophon EPR is already in use at more than 800 sites around the world.

Noting that the global market for patient safety and infection control is at $10.3 billion and growing fast, the company said it will position Trophon EPR to complement its line of ultrasound technologies, software and services while also enabling it to extend its sales footprint to include Japan.

GE said it is making the investment through its Healthymagination Fund, which it launched in 2009 with a $6 billion pledge to support innovation in healthcare.