GE extends HP collaboration for mid-size hospitals, developing countries
GE Healthcare IT has extended its collaboration with HP to offer pre-configured, pre-installed GE Centricity Enterprise software on HP Integrity NonStop servers, targeting midsize hospitals and developing countries.
“We’re excited to build on our great track record of delivering high performance, reliability, and great value to our customers,” said Laurent Rotival, senior vice president and general manager, GE Healthcare IT. “This extended collaboration aims to grow the range of solutions optimized for healthcare providers of all sizes while maintaining the reliability and performance standards that lead the industry.” 
GE Healthcare IT is currently collaborating with HP to pilot a low-cost solution for new hospitals in the Gulf region and expects to begin marketing this globally in the second half of 2008. A wide range of offerings is expected through this expanded effort, including:
  • A pre-configured, tailored version of Centricity Enterprise Software installed on HP Integrity NonStop servers. The offering is targeted for new hospitals, which can benefit from the reduced time and cost of deployment;
  • Special licensing, pricing and customized offerings to encourage healthcare technology adoption among clinics and hospitals in emerging markets; and
  • New configurations designed for customers who want a hosted infrastructure approach.
Starting in the fourth quarter of 2008, GE will begin offering training and an associated certification that will provide its partners with the deep knowledge to adapt Centricity Enterprise software as a mark of quality assurance for customers. Training classes and certification exams initially will be held at GE’s Enterprise Solutions offices in Seattle and will be available regionally beginning in late 2009, according to the company.